Open Home Success

Open Home Success

Looking & feeling its best

> Once on the market, your home becomes a showroom, so ensure it is always clutter-free, and immaculately clean. Provide door mats at all entrances to encourage people to wipe their feet and protect your floors.
> Make sure your home is cool in summer and cosy in winter.

Let there be light

> Draw back curtains and blinds to let plenty of light into your home. On a dull day, switch on lights and lamps to enhance the atmosphere.

Make kitchens & bathrooms sparkle

> Polish taps and chrome appliances to make them shine, and remove dishes from the sink and draining board. Minimise appliances on bench tops and take the paraphernalia off the fridge.
> Buyers scrutinise bathrooms, so ensure that your shower screen, floor, drains, grout, bath and vanity are spotless. Place all cosmetics, razors and toiletries into a drawer and hang fresh towels neatly.

Maximise living spaces

> Rearrange furniture so there's a clear passage for buyers to move freely whilst highlighting the rooms' features, like a bay window or a fireplace. Play soft music to create a pleasant atmosphere and ensure rooms smell fresh, with no lingering pet, cigarette, or cooking odours.


> Keep dressing tables and desks tidy and clear and find a safe place for valuables such as ipods, cameras, jewellery, and expensive perfume.
> In children's bedrooms, pack away toys and remove any posters. Put all clothes away and make the beds neatly.

The great outdoors

> Undertake a final lawn and edge trim, tidy gardens, hide rubbish bins and fold away the clothes line.

Now leave the rest to us

> Few prospective buyers can relax with the owners standing by, so it is best to leave during inspection times. Walk out the door with the knowledge you've done everything you can.