Presenting Your Property

Presenting Your Property

The Importance of Property Presentation
Good presentation can make the crucial difference to the successful sale of your property. It helps to create the emotional link that makes a buyer fall in love with your home.


First impressions count

> The street appeal of your home creates a crucial first impression for buyers. Making the front of the house look special should be a priority, as favourable first impressions can help win over buyers, and make 'selling' the rest of the property that much easier.
> Stand across the road and cast a buyer's critical eye over the street presentation of your property, including the nature strip.
> Attend to paths and driveways – weed, pressure clean, lay fresh gravel if necessary.
Minor repairs pay off
> Check the condition of external walls, awnings, woodwork and gutters, and clean or paint where necessary.
> Repair broken gates, fences, doors and fly screens.
> Window cleaning, inside and out, gives an overall impression of "squeaky clean".
Prepare your garden to look its best
> Plant seasonal flowers to give the garden life and colour.
> Keep lawns mown and garden beds weed-free and tidy.
> Prune back any overhanging branches, especially those close to windows, to enhance natural light inside the home.
> Dress up outdoor areas with furniture or pot plants. Outdoor furniture can help buyers imagine the lifestyle that goes with a house. If you don't have decent outdoor furniture, borrow, buy or hire some.
> If you have a pool, keep it clean so it looks inviting. Clear away any pool accessories and equipment.

Make it sparkle
> Get professional cleaners in to give your home a 'spring' clean and have carpets and rugs steam cleaned.
> Check all lights are working and replace bulbs if necessary, to ensure rooms are light and bright.
> Address minor repairs
> Buyers are put off by a long list of repairs so replace cracked tiles, patch holes in walls, change burned out light bulbs, fix leaky taps, and make sure all your doors and windows open easily and quietly.
Fresh paint
> Consider a fresh coat of paint to walls. Choose neutral tones that will appeal to a wider audience and make it feel light and bright. Colourful feature walls can give a home a lift and create the look of a designer's touch.
> Ensure skirting boards, architraves and doors are free of marks; wipe down and touch up, if needed.
Maximise space
> Less clutter gives the impression of more room so pack away items you don't need to make rooms appear more spacious.
Less is always best
> Reposition furniture to make rooms look spacious and don't hinder movement and flow around your home.
> If existing furniture is mismatched or the property is vacant, consider hiring furniture for the period your home will be open.
Kitchens & bathrooms
> Scrub bathrooms and make them sparkling clean. If necessary re–grout dated bathrooms for a quick facelift and fix any dripping taps.
> For older style kitchens, new door handles or bench tops can make all the difference.