Tips for selling your home

When selling, getting a good price requires a winning formula. It’s vital you choose the right agent, run an integrated marketing campaign, check recent and comparable sales and engage an auctioneer who can set a platform for the best possible outcome.

Take onboard these tips for selling your home:

Choose an agent with a successful auction track record.

Attend open-for-inspections and local auctions for a better view of the market. Ask the agents at these events about tips for selling your home.

Your choice of auctioneer is crucial. Plan your campaign around the availability of the best auctioneer available. Find out their tips for selling your home.

Avoid part-time or novice auctioneers. Let them practice on someone else.

Of all the tips for selling your home, go to market showing buyers you are a motivated seller, almost goes without saying.

When setting a reserve price communicate a figure you would like and a bottom-line price.

Know the distinct difference between an asking price and a contract price.

Adopt marketing strategies that have proven successful on similar properties.

Run advertising in media suitable for your target market to give your property maximum exposure.

Present your property in the best possible light. Consider access, street appeal, interior presentation, remove clutter, make minor repairs and be flexible about open for inspection times. This is one of the more common tips for selling your home.

Follow expert advice on modifications or aesthetic improvements needed for a higher sale price. You’ll make more than you’ll spend.

Develop a buyer profile to identify serious buyers. It will help you better understand buyer behaviour.

Prepare to make timely decisions. Buyers are often lost through indecision and procrastination.

These are just a few tips for selling your home. Can you think of any others?

Did you find these tips for selling your home helpful? Please contact us if you are thinking about selling your home.

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