Qualities of a Good Tenant

Do you think you have the qualities of a good tenant?

When a tenancy involving more than one person is taken, there is usually a ‘prime mover’ individual who is the group’s leader. Normally, this person made the initial enquiry and transaction about renting with the landlord or managing agent.

Being a signatory in the early days of a new tenancy may seem attractive. However, think about people moving out. 

When change occurs, certain steps must be taken to preserve the integrity of the agreement. After all, you want to make sure that the landlord and Property Manager’s perception of you as having the qualities of a good tenant remains undiminished.

Firstly, departing tenants must ensure, with the landlord’s approval that their names are deleted from a fixed-term tenancy which has not run its course. This clears them from any subsequent dispute that may arise between the landlord and remaining tenants such as property damage or rent in arrears.

For remaining tenants, there is the obligation to pay the departing fellow-tenants their share of the rental bond, this is just to be expected of somebody who has the qualities of a good tenant. This means the rental bond board should also be notified of the change in bond ownership. There is a special form from the rental bond board for change of shared tenancy, which is used for this purpose.

Always keep in mind that while you may have the qualities of a good tenant, your chosen flatmates may not. Before you decide to move in with this other person, think about how well you know them. Make sure they are very clear about their obligations in respect to the tenancy.

Being in a shared tenancy arrangement does not preclude occupants from taking out Individual Contents Insurance. A policy taken for one tenant does not necessarily cover the belongings of others at the same rental property. All things considered, contents cover is relatively inexpensive and highly recommended in a shared tenancy arrangement.

If your flatmate is lacking some of the qualities of a good tenant and breaks or even steals some of your belongings prior to moving out, this could be heartbreaking if you weren’t covered by Individual Contents Insurance.

This is not an exhaustive list on the qualities of a good tenant. Can you think of any other qualities that weren’t mentioned here?

Having some of these qualities of a good tenant can help to prevent any dramas from happening during your tenancy and ensure that you get the most out of your renting experience. 


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