February Auction Results

Auction Result Wrap Up with Aris, Tina & Andrew. 



I'm hoping the first Auction results for the year are a welcome distraction from the challenging weather everyone is struggling through at the moment.

We focus on our three core suburbs of Marrickville, Dulwich Hill and Hurlstone Park with a full itemised list of each and every sale including all those annoying undisclosed prices on the major property sites.

The main thing I've noticed is the continuation of increased stock being offered to the market.

It may not feel like it if you're a buyer who has only recently just started looking but in February 2021 there were only 44 properties put to Auction compared to 68 this year.

Once again Marrickville did some heavy lifting with a whopping 40 Auctions and a clearance rate of 65%. As the recently departed Meat Loaf use to sing "two out of three ain't bad" (for those under the age of 30 who don't know what I'm talking about listen to the album "Bat out of Hell" and get back to me) but it does show the market is starting to come to a point where prices have stopped rising at the break neck speed they experienced last year.

Having said all of that, Dulwich Hill performed markedly better with an impressive 19 out of 23 sales and Hurlstone Park hit the perfect mark again with 100% across admittedly a small sample size of only five.

The March results will be interesting as many owners rush to miss the Easter School holiday period in April and get their home sold at Auction this month.


- Words by Aris Dendrinos. 





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